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Website and Infographics


Digital Design

Balancing Design and Compliance

With regulatory constraints imposed by the FDA, the display requirements of fair balance and important safety information (ISI) in relation to content Strategy is a continuous balancing act for the Picato patient site design. The experience designed introduces the ISI in a pervasively visible area within the primary content area. This treatment allows the ISI to expand fully, obscuring the content area only when needed.

When a Separate UI Design becomes a Necessity

On tablets, the interactions are different. Since tablets are bigger, users’ interactions come with the help of two hands and two thumbs, in portrait or landscape orientation. The tablet design for Picato supports a continuous interaction with the required ISI, which is why designing a separate UI was a necessity.

Amplifying Visibility

The site's content design and information architecture ensure that patients can navigate and access required information with ease for a better experience, whether they're accessing the site on mobile or desktop. This IA also provides a mobile-friendliness ranking on Google, presenting your site as a priority over other sites in search results for free. The more organic search results, the more leads, and conversions.

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Illustrating Instructional Design

The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction. Once this principle is applied, the results are immediate. The objective is to be careful and to remove secondary information and anything not frequently used or distracting.