Health and Wellness


A new brand design, website, and web application to enable employers support engaging employees on their health journeys


Brand and Product Direction


Website, Web-app, UX Strategy/Research, Brand Guidlines


Brand Development and UX Design

The Art of Health

"The Art of Health” was the theme for this redo. After landing on a new color palette and creating new graphical assets, proprietary photography was essential, showcasing real people living. What place is better than Miami for a full production photoshoot?

Technology for living longer, and healthier

Seeing as it's a project demonstrating the support of employers giving employees preventive health care benefits, the website needed to serve as an informative site for employers looking to maintain a higher standard in healthcare for their employees, as well as serve as an entryway to the member-only web-based health application.

A web app for preventive care

The web-based Health application aims to address the users' daily, weekly, and monthly health goals, supporting their journeys through booking, reviewing health reports, and matching them with health mentors via the live connection feature.

Preventive Care on the Go

The web app design allows users to seamlessly access their records and connect with their health mentors on the go on all mobile devices. Since the application serves as a means for health mentors to keep track of their members anytime and anywhere, support plays a key role in the success of the application.

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