Health and Wellness

Physique 57

When a NYC fitness studio has to pivot from in studio to virtual classes and needs a brand refresh.


Design and Product Direction


Website reskin, Web-app reskin, Icon system, Brand guidleines


Brand Development and UX Design

Glow With The Flow

The brand refresh, themed "Glow With The Flow", leveraged the connection between Physique 57 Studio's ambiance lighting, the trainees' moods, and the glowing sweat and heat their bodies generate during sessions, building a fresh and consistent experience for the customer.

Refreshing a brand

The brand refresh involved repackaging the colors of the visual system and creating new icons, illustrations, and an update of the guidelines to enhance the overall look and feel.

Building for Mobile

For a business looking to adapt its model to cater to customers remotely, Physique 57 Studio's brand refresh had to take into account the massive shift to mobile and live streaming by customers forced to remain indoors. The brand refresh enabled the studio to design a mobile experience that matched the new demands effectively and kept trainees engaged.

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When live streaming becomes a necessity for continued fitness

With a mandatory shift to live-streaming, the brand refresh had to account for the new model. The creation of a web app, with live-streaming capabilities, provided access to a library of on-demand and live streaming content for customers; with an interface layout designed to easily guide visitors to the live-streaming scheduler and the on-demand content.