An education and outreach campaign designed for health care professionals (HCPs) with patients battling Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase (BTK).


Art Director


Animated display ads and Microsite



An Unbranded Guide

AstraZeneca was looking to develop and deploy a simple and effective platform to guide HCPs through new findings around BTK and the connections with malignant B-cells. An educational campaign was developed to provide generically branded touchpoints (in line with regulatory provisions) in a format that lets HCPs assimilate and engage with the material.

A simple yet effective Microsite

The look and feel of the microsite is a reflection of developmental milestones, echoing the look of a coloring book. Visitors are greeted with a 3D video that effectively demonstrates the B-cell and inhibitors' unique connections and sheer power taking a complex subject matter and presenting it in a digestible and intriguing way.

Working against banner blindness

The decision to leverage animated ads for this campaign was based on the need to mitigate the effect of banner blindness — associated with static banners. The goal was to present the content in a compelling format to capture the attention of the audience.

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