A brand refresh and a sales application with a toolkit o resources to target new marketers and scale globally.


Design and Product Direction


Websites, Visual system, Brochures, Event Materials


Brand Management and Digital Design

Branding A Global Presence

The concept design of Comcast Spotlight represents the vibrant and dynamic media buying offerings in a clear and delightful way by leveraging an array of artwork components in the brand toolkit to create enhanced and compelling visual elements. This allows the brand to be flexible and evolve while retaining the signature Comcast Spotlight brand identity.

Vibrant and Dynamic Media Buying

Whether a marketer at an SMB or a media agency buying on behalf of a client, the Comcast Spotlight web application was developed as an interactive tool to guide advertisers to the features that are most relevant to their objectives. The on-screen prompts help users navigate through the app to learn more about the Spotlight advertising solutions.

The sum of the parts complete the package

As part of an informational tool kit, the advertising and sales division one-pagers help spark potential clients' interests through a clear message, focused, and concise. The information architecture and layout design help readers to easily identify the key areas of the page, including the main selling points, testimonials, and Call To Actions (CTA).

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An invitation for The Next 10

How to celebrate a milestone for a marketing and sales division? Pull out all the stops. An invitation to the Museum of Natural History to commemorate 10 years of Marketing and Advertising deserves only the best finishes. The theme of the invite paid homage to the historical location and a dynamic future. This was accomplished by fusing a custom die-cut with a modern edge, tactical finishes using soft-touch paper, and finishing the message with spot varnishing for the type.

A Multi-page Showcase

When asked to create a brochure to present the dynamic sales offerings, it was apparent that the standard z-fold would not do the job. The brochure needed to convey a modern, clean and unique style. After comping a few sizes, the best fit was a square multi-page design with a layout hierarchy, balance, and flow.