Building a brand that speaks as a world-class talent network in Africa.


Art Director


Brand Development and Product Design


Branding, Website and Web Application

A collective identity

Authentic, Dedicated, and Forward-Thinking every brand-aligned message and image helps cement the identity.

Creating a luminous brand

As a company dedicated to illuminating potential, the brand refresh included almost everything, colors, fonts, and tone of voice. Staying true to the core mission, connecting brilliance to opportunity, the EPIC Blue and Gold were set in the forefront while the Talented Teal, Mighty Magenta, and Luminous Lime support the vibrancy and innovation of the people at Andela. The supporting graphical elements were used as focal points to highlight an image or interact with headlines. Illustrations, although flat presented depth by use within hue variations. The photography styling was an opportunity to represent real people in real situations and authentic locations for promotional communication.

Team-based engineering metrics

A product for the business side of it all. From the onset of the engagement a company has access to the developer portal. The portal provides a consolidated view of engineering efficiency metrics. Some of the features are from metrics to measure cycle time, code quality, and onboarding tasks. The application provides insight into the delivery pipeline and can uncover shadow work and increase sprint planning accuracy.

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